A Trip to Linden Hills in Minneapolis (Support Local Businesses and Farmers)

July 16, 2015

imagesThe majority of the food I eat comes from the community around me. I am a firm believer in supporting your local community, such as local food markets, restaurants, makers, gardens, and farms. A few weeks ago I was home in Minneapolis for my sisters birthday, and we visited my favorite farmers market… Linden Hills Farmers Market in Minneapolis. Here’s a throwback Thursday to Linden Hills, and all the local businesses there that are so amazing! Explore and support your local merchants!!! Keep it Fresh…simple…significant!  Peace… Britt & Madi 

IMG_0015This Kale was literally picked the evening before from an organic farm in Minnesota! I use this raw in a simple salad, or juice it before yoga… check out my Basic Green Juice.  And, if you are looking for a healthy alternative to processed chips check out my…Kale Chips…vegan, gluten free snack!

IMG_0034 1.54.33 PMSeasonal vegetables at the farmers market can inspire me. For example I used scallions in my Grilled Tuna Salad, but a fun twist would be using garlic scapes minced and add in some elegant english shelling peas.

IMG_0453The cows on this local farm are grass fed, which is the natural way they were meant to eat. This creates a lovely and healthy cheese. Add this to your favorite salad! Or spread on a whole grain organic cracker. Yummy!

IMG_0027It is so important that you buy pesticide free berries! Madi used these strawberries in her version of the frozen strawberry yogurt pops (you could use a little less sugar because they were sooo sweet…just saying). I used them in the Mason Jar Strawberry Chicken Salad and in my All Natural Infused Vitamin Waters.

IMG_0069Then there are the local businesses, like Sebastian Joe’s Ice cream. This family owned, community-minded business has been creating delectable ice cream in the Twin Cities, since 1984. I have been going there, since I was very little, with my family. They only use all-natural ingredients of the highest quality.

IMG_0048IMG_0053Another favorite is, Great Harvest Bread of Minnesota, where they mill whole grains in their store and bake it fresh right there! Bread for most of us is not the bad guy, and this store proves it! Their belief… “Five pure and simple ingredients are all it takes: whole-wheat flour, filtered water, fresh yeast, salt, and something sweet (usually a local honey). In fact, we’d say bread is best when you keep it simple. It’s even better when you use the highest quality ingredients you can find.”

This fits so well with what I preach on my site, Fresh…simple…significant! And with the heavily processed, high sugar, high sodium, “Gluten free,” breads and crackers, being all the rage, so many people are not getting the nutrients only whole grains can provide. Madi and my must haves are the Apple Crunch Bread and the Honey Wheat Loaf.


This wraps up my throw back Thursday. Check out your local farms, markets, makers, and gardens this weekend! Britt & MadiIMG_0037


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