Greek Yogurt Parfait Pops (Happy 4th of July**!!**)

July 3, 2015


imagesYum! The fourth of July calls for cooling popsicles. Madi and I made these with protein-rich greek yogurt sweetened with just a little honey. We added a bit of granola for crunch and some organic berries and kiwi. It is a frozen version of a yogurt parfait! These natural pops are both a tasty treat and a filling snack, and quick and easy to make. They even make a healthy breakfast! Keep it fresh…simple…and significant!! ”  ***  Britt   ***

yogurt parfait pops


IMG_0275We use nonfat greek yogurt added 3 tablespoons of honey.

Watch the video to see assembly….



12oz plain non-fat greek yogurt
3tbsp honey
organic berries and kiwi
organic granola


Fold 3 tablespoons of honey into greek yogurt. Sprinkle in granola. Place organic berries and kiwi into molds. Spoon yogurt mixture into molds. Freeze overnight. Enjoy!



HEY…. It’s Madi and I am going to show you my version of these yogurt pops. I used the same non fat greek yogurt only I added a homemade organic strawberry jam. Here’s what I did…



I started with organic strawberries from the farmers market.



I added 1/4 cup of sugar and a teaspoon of good vanilla extract.



I cooked it on medium heat for about 5 minutes , then cooled completely. I then added it to the yogurt and poured into molds and froze overnight. I am pretty sure Britt liked them better too!



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