Infused Water and Ice (Make your own all natural vitamin water)

July 6, 2015

imagesSay goodbye to soda, juice, and bottled vitamin waters, most of them include a variety of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, added vitamins/minerals, artificial colorings (Red 40, Blue 1), sodium, and more (geez!). Leave the sodas, juices, and vitamin waters,  at the store. Make your own healthy, nutritious flavored water with nothing artificial just the goodness of real fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This is all about natural and subtle flavors and natural nutrients. I’m keeping 2-3 flavors of this “spa water” in my fridge now, so I have a variety to motivate me to drink more water.  Keep it Fresh…simple…and significant!  Britt


Here are my favorite combinations: Morning citrus blend… Grapefruit, lemon, lime and mint.




Watermelon, blueberry, lime, and mint.




And the last one is Strawberry, cucumber, lime, and mint.



You can even infuse your ice cubes to add to your water bottles.



Please share in comments your favorite combination… the possibilities are endless. Enjoy!!!

infused water

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